5 Technologies That Existed in Ancient Times

5 Technologies That Existed in Ancient Times

The presence of technology does bring progress to life in this world. Today's modern age is filled with a variety of increasingly sophisticated technologies in all fields. Scientists are still trying to create more sophisticated technology for the future.

Speaking of technology, did you know that in the olden days, there was already technology! Various technologies in ancient times are not even less sophisticated than those today. Well, here Mindblowings will discuss 5 technologies that already exist from Ancient Times. Check out the reviews! 

Nuclear reactor

Archaeologists working on a 2 billion-year-old uranium mine in Oklo, the Republic of Gabon, Africa found a nuclear reactor with a capacity of up to 500 tonnes of uranium and could generate 100,000 watts of power.

This discovery results in the fact that since billions of years ago, nuclear reactors already existed in the world even on a very large scale. Until now the nuclear reactor mine is still well maintained.

Parthian Batteries

Starting from the discovery of a jar in 1936 at an ancient tomb located in Khujut, south of Baghdad. This jar is estimated to be more than 2,000 years old. A German archaeologist named Wilhem Konig realizes that the jar is not an ordinary jar because it has a copper pipe with metal in it. He also did research on the jar and found acidic juice like vinegar or wine in it.

Finally, it is known that this jar can be used to make batteries so that the possibility of electric technology has been known since ancient times. Because in further research it is known that inserting grape juice into a jar that is now called Parthian Batteries will generate electricity of 0.5 volts.

This further led researchers to believe that the Parthian Batteries were a tool used by humans in antiquity to create electricity.

Artificial Heart

Who would have thought, the artificial heart that we think existed in modern times has existed since ancient times. This is evidenced by a group of researchers who conducted research on mummified boys found in an Egyptian pyramid.

On the left chest of a mummy, about 5,000 years old was found an artificial heart that functions the same as those in modern times. With this, it is known that people in antiquity were already able to create technology as artificial heart artificial.

Antikythera Mecanism

Antikythera Mecanism is a clock-shaped object that is found inside a shipwreck that sank on the seabed by Greek divers. A researcher named Derek John De Solla Price suggests that Antikythere Mecanism probably dates from 80 BC and is used to measure the movement of stars and planets or astronomical positions.

Furthermore, it is known that Antikythera Mecanism works like a computer so it is called an ancient analog computer from antiquity.

Piri Reis Map

An ancient map made of deerskin is preserved in the Taifurkhafi Palace, Istanbul, Turkey. On this map is the signature of Piri Reis who was an admiral of Ottoman Turkey and listed the month and year when the map was signed, the month of Muharram in 919 AH Islam, or about 1513 AD.

Because of its uniqueness, this map was further investigated, and found the fact that the image on this map was actually a picture like the view of air from the sky. This map also turns out to be exactly the same as the earth image taken from the Apollo 8 plane.

So, Piri Reis Map is a world map taken from space. This means that in ancient times there has been advanced technology that can be used to take a picture of the earth from outer space although it is not yet known how and who took the picture on the Piri Reis Map from outer space.

Those are the 5 Advanced Technologies that already existed from Ancient Times. It turns out to be wrong if we think that in ancient times there was no technology. The above discoveries have proved that in ancient times, there have been advanced technologies used by people in the past.