The Medical Reasons Why Your Body Is Still Tired Even While Sleeping Enough

The Medical Reasons Why Your Body Is Still Tired Even While Sleeping Enough

When the body feels tired, stiff and uncomfortable it seems nothing more fun than to get enough sleep and soundly. Yes, sleep or rest can indeed be the most powerful drug to make the body healthy and strong again. But unfortunately, despite having enough sleep, some of us might still feel tired and why does this happen?

Quoted from page, sleeping is not enough to make a tired body become more healthy and comfortable. Here is the reason why the body still feels tired even if you have enough sleep.

1. Tooth Draining
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Do you have a habit of grinding your teeth? Consciously or not, some of us do sleep with a tooth grinding. This is what will affect the quality of sleep and fresh bugarnya body.

The habit of tooth grinding affects the airways and prevents you from getting enough oxygen. This will make you often wake up during sleep and make the body more tired also anxious.

2. Coffee Consumption
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Avoid coffee consumption before bed or rest. The content of caffeine in coffee can affect the quality of sleep. This will also make the body's performance less fit when waking up in the morning.

3. Play Gadget
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If you like to play the gadget before going to bed, start now try to avoid it. The habit of playing the gadget before bed can adversely affect the quality of sleep. It also adversely affects the psychic condition, raises anxiety and worry during rest periods. Psychics who are disturbed during sleep will make the body feel more tired, uncomfortable and easily uprooted.

4. Sports Before Sleep
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According to a study, the best sports time is morning and evening. Exercise at night will make the body vulnerable tired, not focus and stiff. Experts say if exercise done 2 - 3 hours before bed will worsen the sleep cycle.

5. Uncomfortable Beds
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To get a good night's sleep and a fit body when you wake up, try to have a comfortable and clean bed. Uncomfortable beds, dirty and messy could make sleep quality worse. This also allows the body position is not right during sleep and encourage excessive fatigue when waking up.

That's some of the reasons why the body remains tired despite having enough sleep every day. Avoid the above habits in order to get the best sleep and body always fit and healthy yes. I hope this information is helpful.