5 Powerful Ways to Get Women Interested To You

5 Powerful Ways to Get Women Interested To You

Many men are attracted to women but are confused about how to approach them. In fact, to attract the attention of women, make her first interested and curious with you but do you know how? 

Prominent in the group.

Basically, women want men who have strong character as a couple. Therefore, if men have a big influence in the group or the environment, especially for women, it can be a lure.

Not just attitudes and behaviors, the daily appearance of men in their daily life can also form the image as a male character in front of women. For that, try, for example, to keep your body in shape. Have some exercise in the gym, eat healthily, and lastly, be confident in the clothes worn.

Love yourself.

The point here is not to be selfish, but to appreciate and love yourself by expressing it through positive activities. For example, if you feel like a nature lover, show with a ride up the mountain or dive in the sea.

Other options may indicate a fondness for extreme sports, such as rock climbing, motocross, or parkour. By "investing" doing a lot of positive things like that, men will be more attractive in the eyes of women.

This is because women can see positive energy and passion from within themselves. However, it should be noted, don't do these activities just to impress a woman. Do the activity for your own health.

Have a sense of humor.

Women will appreciate even the cheerful man who can make her laugh. This is because the interest of women with men is determined more by emotional closeness, not logic.

So when talking to a woman, do not ask a boring question like a job interview. Instead, come in with a light conversation, and show a funny side of yourself.

Fun activities.

Women love the sensation of danger, exciting, but also fun. They are like that because they are tired of the routine of daily life. Therefore, as a man, you should be able to bring women to feel such sensations. For example, you can invite women to joke, be spontaneous, then tease them, and tell an interesting story about your life. Do not forget also to invite them to do a fun game.


The main thing that is needed to get women attracted to you is confidence. Without a sense of self-confidence, then the woman is hard to get close to. For women, confident men will usually pursue to realize their desires. Men are also regarded as a leader who loves and values himself highly. These types of men can make women interested.

Well, for those of you who have problems with confidence, do not be afraid. Do things that can improve self-confidence, one of them by fixing or upgrading the appearance. Mac Maclntier, President of Innovative Management Group, a Las Vegas-based training and consulting management firm, agrees. According to women, appearance is closely related to self-image, and it is reflected in something you wear and use every day.