5 Latest Technology For Gamers

5 Latest Technology For Gamers

Technology always continue to grow as well as with various technological innovations in the gaming industry. Especially the demands of strange gamers also make the scientists need to work hard to meet their demands.

Well, if you are one of the development of video game technology, you should see 5 new technologies for gamers. Curious? let's Check out the following description.

1. Microsoft HoloLens

Microsoft HoloLens is a powerful tool that combines VR and AR technology into a single device. So when you use this device, you will feel like seeing an actual AR hologram.

The device comes with real-time motion sensing and space mapping that will bring virtual content to the real world. You can also interact with virtual objects that you create but can not feel.

This technology is actually already used for the field of architecture and health until eventually brought Microsoft to be sold in general. As for the game industry itself, the development for this device is still small because this technology is new and expensive. So, maybe in the future, this technology is into a gaming device that must be purchased.

2. Steelseries Sentry Eyetracker

Steelseries Sentry Eyetracker is a device that will read every movement of your eyes, which means you can operate your PC with just eye movements. Thanks to an accurate sensor, this device is quite popular among streamer games to make it easier for them while live streaming.

The device is powered by tobii tech technology, a company that develops eye-tracking sensors in the health field. However, the problem with this device is the lack of game compatibility.

3. Tesla Gaming Suit

Tesla Gaming Suit is a costume that has a haptic feedback system technology, where you can feel what's inside a game equipped with sensors to simulate feedback in the world of video games.

Thanks to 64 sensors attached to this costume, you can feel the temperature and also a small sting if you get hit or shot right where your video game characters are hit.

4. Virtuix Omni

Virtuix Omni is an enhancement devoted to VR. This device can be used instead of a game controller when you run in-game. So it can reduce the motion sickness that occurs when playing FPS games.

How to use this device is easy enough, you just simply walk in the direction you want in the video game on a 360 treadmill equipped with special shoes equipped with sensors to read your foot stepping motion.

5. The Void

The Void is actually not a device, but rather a vehicle equipped with a wide range of complete VR devices that will take you into the game. Not only can you enjoy the visual, but you can also touch and feel on this ride.

When playing in this vehicle you will be paired with various VR devices such as backpack gaming PC, VR suit, and also VR devices that have been equipped with various sensors. You will be brought into a studio environment that is made in the same way as what is in the game.