5 Kinds Of Fruits To Maximize Kidney Health

5 Kinds Of Fruits To Maximize Kidney Health

Kidney is the organ of the body in charge of filtering all the food substances and beverages that enter the body. So maintaining the health of your kidney is very important. One way is to eat fruit.

No need to consume all the fruit because the choice of the right fruit can make the kidneys work optimally. Reported from thehealthsite.com, here are some examples of fruit that is useful to support kidney health:

1. Apple

Apples are fruits rich in antioxidants, low in potassium, have anti-inflammatory properties, and contain pectin. The contents in the apple plays an important role to improve your kidney function.

2. Wine

Grapes contain resveratrol, an anti-inflammatory compound that protects the kidneys from damage. You are advised to eat at least 15 grapes per day to improve kidney function and maintain electrolyte balance.

3. Lemon

Begin the day by drinking a glass of lemon water because this fruit can remove toxins from the body and improve kidney function.

4. Cranberries

Besides known as a fruit for treating urinary tract infections, cranberries are also useful for maintaining kidney health. Cranberries are low in potassium but high in antioxidants so it i able to remove excess uric acid from the body.

5. Watermelon

watermelon is a fruit that is useful for natural detoxification because of high water and mineral content. Watermelon consumption helps to clear toxins, remove excess fluid in the body, and improve kidney function.