5 Foods That You Should Eat If You're Trying Pregnant

5 Foods That You Should Eat If You're Trying Pregnant

One of the goals of each couple once married is to have a baby, but there are times when some couples have trouble having children. One of the problems is the lack of nutrition.

If you and your husband are trying to have children, this is all the food you must eat every day for a fertile body and quickly get pregnant.


Avocado fruit is rich in folic acid which helps the fertility of the male and female body. These nutrients are also needed for healthy fetal development. The study found that folic acid helps to improve the fertility of ovulation and healthy sperm. Some other foods contain folate such as oranges, sunflower seeds, and green vegetables.


Seafood such as oysters and shells contains high zinc. This mineral is needed for fertility so quickly get pregnant because zinc deficiency in the body will decrease the quality of the egg. The husband also needs this because it can increase the hormone testosterone that will improve the quality of sperm.


Milk, especially the full-fat, contains not only protein and calcium, but the fat content actually increases the fertility of the husband-wife body. Research from Harvard University revealed that milk increases the hormone estrogen which is a sign of excellent fertility and ready to have children.

Vitamin D

Go out and have a walk when the sun is still warm in the morning because vitamin D needed for the body to increase fertility, both men and women. A sufficient body of vitamin D intake is able to help the rapid movement of sperm, improves the health of the egg. Vitamin D can also be obtained from foods such as cod liver oil, organic meats, and eggs.

Fish Oil

The easiest way to get an intake of omega-3 fatty acids is from fish oil capsules. Omega-3 fatty acids help regulate hormones in the body, improve mucus quality of the cervical area and increase ovulation. You can also get omega-3 from tuna, sardines, anchovies, and salmon.

That's all the food you and your husband need if you want to get pregnant fast and make sure your body and husband are equally healthy!