5 Combinations Of Foods That Will Trigger Excess Gas Production In The Stomach

There are some foods that you consume can trigger the emergence of health problems when mixed together. And the most common is digestive disorders such as excess gas production in the stomach.

Be careful, consumption of these 5 foods can make your stomach to have more acid.
So, what foods can trigger excessive gas production in the stomach? Reported from boldsky.com, here's the list:

1. Dairy products and starches

Dairy products take a long time to digest. And if combined with starch, then the process of digesting will be longer. So that the production of excess acid.

2. Acid and starch

The combination of acidic and starchy foods when consumed simultaneously can cause disease because it will trigger excess gas production.

3. Starch and sugar

Starch and sugar when consumed together will cause a fermentation process that causes the stomach to become bloated.

4. Beans and cheese

Milk consumed with nuts can make your stomach bloated and cause unwanted digestive disorders.

5. Meat and potatoes

Avoid eating potatoes with meat simultaneously because it can cause stomach problems.

These are some examples of food combinations that can make gas production in the stomach. So be careful when taking them.