5 Cities That Will Disappear

5 Cities That Will Disappear

The threat of flooding, land subsidence and rising sea levels pose a threat to some of the world’s great cities. It is quite possible that in 20 to 80 years into the future there are cities that will disappear from the map of the earth.

Here are the 5 cities in the world which are in danger of drowning.

1. Bangkok – Thailand


By 2100, Bangkok is predicted to be the second Atlantis. The Thailand’s capital city is sinking due to several factors, including climate change due to greenhouse effect, rising sea levels, coastal erosion, and landslides.

The prediction was stated by the head of the National Disaster Warning Centre of Thailand Smith Dharmasaroja. For some people, Smith’s prediction is taken quite seriously. Previously he had predicted the tsunami around the Indian Ocean in 2004.

In addition, the location of the city which is 1.5 meters below sea level causes Bangkok always flooded every year.

2. Ho Chi Minh City – Philippines

One of the cities in Southeast Asia are threatened with drowning is Ho Chi Minh City. Every year, the height of the flood rose as high as 2 centimeters.
3. Shanghai – China

The structure of the land in Shanghai is actually a ​​swamp area, which is then filled by skyscrapers, causing the ground of Shanghai going down half an inch each year.

The needs for building and skyscrapers is the impact of the soaring population of Shanghai. In 2001, the urban population residing in the mouth of the Yangze River is about 20 million people.

4. Mumbai – India

In 2008, a group of activist Greenpeace estimates that in 2100, the city of Mumbai will be submerged by seawater. The rising of sea levels is up to 5 meters due to the melting of the polar ice caps.

In a report titled as ‘Climate Migrants in South Asia’ Greenpeace melting polar ice caused by the global temperatures is increasing by 4-5 degrees due to global warming.

5. Jakarta – Indonesia


The geographic location of Jakarta that is below sea level, the need for ground water is suspected to be one of the causes of the sinking of the mainland Jakarta. The number of population in Jakarta is continues to increase and become the main reason for the need of groundwater. In a period of 20 years, the estimated number of residents in the capital city of Indonesia will increase to 40 million.

Hydrology expert from the Netherlands, Janjaap Brinkman explained, if the water extraction process is not immediately stopped, at the end of the century, Jakarta will sink.

“If extraction (suction) ground water is not immediately stopped, at the end of the century, Jakarta will sink to a depth of five to six meters,” he said, quoted from theatlanticcities.com.