5 Cities Of Book

5 Cities Of Book

1. Hay-On-Wye, Wales


The first city of the book is located in a small town called hay-on-wye, Wales, UK. The first changes from this small town located in Wales to become a city are open to the idea in 1961 when a man named Richard Booth began to open a secondhand book store. The store turns out to be very popular and it is now one of the largest used bookstores in Europe. And because of that reason as well people start looking to an opportunity to be specialist and seller of an ancient book. And now a secondhand book that developed the city and become the center of the economy in Hay-On-Wye.
A small town with a population of about 1600 inhabitants is one of the first city of book in the world.

Redu, Belgium


In 1979, after returning from a trip to Hay-On-Wye a local resident named Noel Anselot decided to invite many booksellers in various regions to come to his village. The village is redu in Belgium. He did it by sending them a letter and inviting booksellers to start selling in various buildings that already exist and are available in the city.

Apparently what Anselot did is not useless, and now there are about 17 bookstores in the village which sells secondhand books and comic book. There are many festivals and events related to the book, which were held in the village. In 1984, the city was finally crowned as one of the city of book after successfully organized their first book festival

Fjaerland, Norway


Fjaerland is in the area around the fjord in arctic Norway which closes to the sea. A hidden location makes this city one of the most isolated cities in the world of books. Before 1994 when the road was built, the city can only be reached by boat. The remote conditions make this city be abandoned, but from there was the development of the book in the city.

The number of buildings that are not used in the city can be utilized to serve as a bookstore. Former stables, vegetable stores, post offices, and ferry stops are some of the places used by local residents as a bookstore. The extreme cold weather in the city only allows guests able to come from May to September.

Hobart, New York, USA

Before becoming a city of books, this city was abandoned by the people and turns it into a ghost town. In 1999 this city was totally abandoned and the only business in the area is just a mini restaurant. Aware of the unpleasant conditions, a local resident named Don Dales sees the opportunity to buy the empty places and make it as a bookstore.

It turns out Dales’s plan is working well so that finally in 2004 he made two bookstores again on the kora. Currently, there are six bookstores in the region with only 440 inhabitants. There are several book festivals that attract attention as well as the appeal of this place into a tourist destination at the weekend for the citizens of New York to look for a book.

Wigtown, Scotland

Wigtown is one of the cities that is almost abandoned by all its inhabitants before being rescued by making this city "a city of the book". This city was known as a distillery, but then they got bankrupt and almost make this city abandoned. Fortunately, Wigtown has won a program of the Scottish government to make it a book town

Although currently has a population that is not too much that is about 1000 people, but the city is still able to survive with the predicate as a book town. The title was started girded by Wigtown in 1998. Currently, there are at least twenty bookstores and major literary festivals held in the city