These 5 New Buildings in the World Is Open This Year

These 5 New Buildings in the World Is Open This Year

Throughout 2018 there are a number of amazing buildings in various corners of the world that will officially begin to open.

Some are designated as museums, some are deliberately designed for business centers. But of course, these magnificent buildings with amazing designs will add to the list of iconic world building that will be popular.

Five of these amazing buildings will be officially opened throughout the year 2018 in various corners of the world.Let's check it out!

1. Grand Egyptian Museum, Egypt
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Offering an exhibition area of 24,000 square meters (4 times the size of a football field), this cultural complex will be the largest archaeological arena in the world.

2. Leeza SOHO, China
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The glass tower designed by Zaha Hadid, the famous Iraqi-English architect, will become the new financial district of Beijing. Central atrium that has a height of 190 meters is claimed to be the highest in the world.

3. Tribunal de Paris, France
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The new courthouse in Paris designed by Renzo Piano (the Italian architect behind the making of The Shard in London) will be the largest court complex in Europe.

4. ICD Brookfield Place, United Arab Emirates
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The 53-storey office tower is located in the Dubai International Financial Center District and is scheduled for completion of construction by the end of 2018.


5. Photografiska, London - England
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Fotografiska in London will be the largest photography hub covering an area of 89,000 square feet with 7 exhibition halls, a cinema, two restaurants, a café and a bar.