4 Things You Should Do After Eating High Cholesterol Foods

4 Things You Should Do After Eating High Cholesterol Foods

It's delicious to eat meat and spicy food, but the risk is high cholesterol and can cause illness if eaten constantly. Consuming high bad cholesterol not only triggers high blood pressure and obesity but also can cause heart disease. This is what you should do after eating foods high in cholesterol.

Mild exercise

After eating, do physical activities that make your body move, like walking, going up and down the stairs, or just sway while listening to music. Make sure you don't sit still, this helps to burn incoming calories and helps digest cholesterol so it can be removed from the body.

Drinking warm water

The best way to shed cholesterol and oil in the body is to drink warm water. One to two glasses of warm water will help cleanse the intestines and get rid of cholesterol.

Do not go straight to bed

If you do not want to get fatter, then don't go straight to sleep after eating cholesterol foods. Give a pause around 3-4 hours after eating before bed. This will give time to the body to digest food and not directly accumulate in the body.

Avoid eating and drinking anything cold

Do not eat or drink cold drinks after eating oily food, the oil will freeze so hard to digest in the intestine. And this is what then troubles the body to remove cholesterol in the body.