4 Nutritious Foods That Can Turn To Toxic

4 Nutritious Foods That Can Turn To Toxic

There are many foods that can be toxic to our bodies. In fact, some healthy foods can poison the body when we cook it too long or when it's cold for a long time.

Many people think that healthy foods can keep the nutritional content intact no matter how we process it. Unfortunately, it is a fatal mistake.

There are certain foods that turn into toxins because of some wrong habits that we often do. Here's a list of these foods.


Many people like to eat rice. In fact, rice has become a main food for the people of Asian countries. Rice does contain the nutrients needed by the body.

But, when the rice starts to cool after cooking can be dangerous. Cold rice is prone to bacteria that can cause digestive problems.


Just like rice, do not cool potatoes that have been boiled or fried. Potatoes are foods that contain substances that quickly contaminated with bacteria when stored for too long. So, do not leave the potatoes that have been cooked for too long. Instead, eat the potatoes right after cooking.

Microwave cooked popcorn

Do you like microwave-cooked popcorn? If you often consume it, then stop the habit. Cooking popcorn in the microwave makes the food toxic. Popcorn has perfluorooctanoic acid which is very harmful to health. It can make the digestive system disturbed.


Do you like to eat baked toast baked? Do not eat it again. When we burn the bread, it releases acrylamide which can create digestive problems.

It can even make us suffer from constipation and the body produces too much gas. But don't worry, we can still eat toast, as long as we don't burn it too much.


No one doubts the delicacy of chicken, whether fried, baked, or cooked. But, when the chicken that has been cooked cools down, the chicken is actually poison to our bodies. It will damage the protein components present in chickens. So, we will not get any benefit from consuming it cold.