4 Best Smartphones Competitors Of iPhone X

4 Best Smartphones Competitors Of iPhone X

iPhone X is starting to face the challenge of sales achievement. Moreover, the iPhone 8 is also out in the market at a cheaper price.

Equipped with a variety of latest technologies, such as the A11 Bionic processor, Super Retina Display, OLED display, and Face ID make iPhone X is the best iPhone.

However, there are several other smartphone alternatives whose technology is as cool as iPhone X and certainly cheaper than iPhone X! Are you curious? Let's see below!

1. Hydrogen One

Although Hydrogen One is not released yet and possibly at the beginning of this year. There is no harm in waiting to make this smartphone as your latest gadget.

The giant company that launched this phone also created the Red Camera used in Transformers and Guardians of The Galaxy. So don't be surprised if they put forward the quality of the camera.

With the camera technology that can be removed with a DSLR lens, the price is much cheaper than the iPhone X is around $1,200. Even equipped with a 3D screen that does not require glasses.

If you enjoy using a smartphone to take pictures and videos then buying Hydrogen One is the best decision for you.

2. Samsung Note 8

If only the Note 7 does not experience overheating and becomes a big scandal for Samsung, the iPhone 7 will not be sold in the market. At least they learn from mistakes and maximize technology in Note 8.

As the smartphone with the largest screen in the industry (6.3 inches), the price offered is relatively cheap, which is $729 only.

Samsung completes the Note 8 with a stylus, a good quality camera, and installs the fingerprint sensor directly on the lens. This phone is also equipped with an OLED screen as well as iPhone. Who do you think the winner is?

3. Pixel 2 XL

Never doubt this Google-made product because although it's smaller than Note 8 but the technology can compete with Apple and Samsung.

With a price of $937.80, Pixel 2 XL delivers the best consistent experience of any type of Android phone with an impressive camera. Allegedly, this phone has a good OLED screen with a better fingerprint reader than Note 8.

4. Blackberry KeyONE

Blackberry KeyONE can be lined up as the cheapest mobile phone with prices ranging from $566.97, equipped with a keyboard and battery power is the best among its competitors. DTEK Blackberry technology makes this smartphone the safest in the market.

This phone has a good camera with a twin LED display with a fingerprint scanner on its spacebar. Because of the competitive price and cool productivity can be Blackberry KeyONE cannot be competed by other smartphones. You can even add an external SD card as additional storage. Cool, right!