4 Sleep Habits That Are Ruining Your Skin

4 Sleep Habits That Are Ruining Your Skin

One way to prevent aging and maintain healthy skin is to meet the needs of sleep. But there are some habits before bed that need to be avoided to keep the skin fresh.

Reporting from the Telegraph, Dr. Guy Meadows, founder of The Sleep School and a leading expert in the UK, says sleep is the time for the body to heal, renew and eliminate toxins from the skin. During sleep, growth hormone peaks and stimulates cell and tissue repair. When the quality of sleep is reduced, the process of skin repair by hormones becomes slow. If it continues to occur, cortisol levels will increase and the formation of collagen slows down causing aging.

Therefore, to prevent premature aging, we should pay attention to the adequacy of sleep. When it has ensured adequate sleep time, we also must pay attention to the various habits before bed. Perhaps the following habits seem trivial, but the result can slow the process of skin repair during sleep. Here's the bad habit before going to bed that speed up the aging process and damage skin health.

1. Sleeping facing down.
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This position may be the most comfortable sleeping position for some people. However, according to dermatologist Dr. Purvisha Patel in the Men's Health page, this position provides swelling effect, especially on the eyes.

Often sleeping with this position encourages fluid accumulate in the face and provide facial pressure to relax and lose collagen.While sleeping, we may not be aware of our sleeping position. Therefore, it is better to apply the sleeping position on your back than to sleep facing the pillow.

2. Sleeping with make up.
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Wash your face before bed is very important to do. It cleans the facial skin from sweat and dirt that clogs the pores that can cause acne. The result will be more leverage if using a facial cleanser, the skin will be fresher and the skin repair process will be better.

You can also take a bath first when coming home from work more night. Bathing with warm water makes the body warmer and relaxed so it is easier to sleep and the skin is cleaner than dust of course. However, do not let the hair wet because it will make the sheets and pillows become damp and easy to grow mold.

3. Using too much skin care products.
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Too much use of such products in before bed can harm the skin. For example, products that contain retinol to prevent wrinkles, when mixed with benzoyl peroxide to fight acne, can make dry skin and irritation.

Instead, consult with your doctor first for the use of beauty products in accordance with the skin. When you get the right product, the habit of using skin care before bed is indeed good but don't use too much products.

4. Not drinking water.
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Drinking water is essential for healthy skin. When sleeping, the body's cells need water for skin regeneration. When dehydration occurs, the skin will lose elasticity so dry, dull, and looks wrinkled. However, be sure to drink a glass of water only if you don't wnt to go to the rest room in the middle of the night.