4 Applications To Download Movies From Android smartphone 2018

4 Applications To Download Movies From Android smartphone 2018

To eliminate fatigue, many people choose to watch movies at the cinema. But unfortunately, there are some people who don't have time to watch in the cinema.

But nowadays you can watch a new movie straight from your phone by using the Android smartphone. You can try to use the following free movie download app below:

1. MegaBox HD

You can download new movies from MegaBox HD from your Android smartphone. The film quality, sound quality, completeness and others can be said equally well.

The weakness is, the servers tend to be slow. Make you have to wait a few minutes or even repeat from the beginning. ButOh yes, it seems very popular to download TV series, Interesting right?

2.Show Box

The completeness of the film, subtitle, movie quality, and sound quality are in good quality. The download process is just easy, with a minimal amount of advertising. This application also presents a TV series too.

3. IndoXXI

The free movie download app on this one server is quite slow. You must wait a few minutes before starting to download it. But for the rest, this app is good.

Starting from a selection of complete movie titles, crystal clear image quality, surround sound, everything is presented very well. Moreover, this application has a simple design and is very intuitive, you should try it!

4. LK21 (LayarKaca21)

This application is placed at number one, certainly, because it is the best movie download application. It has a lot of new movie titles that is updated. The quality of the film images presented can be up to full HD (1080p).

For sound, it already supports 5.1 surrounds. For those of you who have the latest Android smartphone, you can feel like watching a movie theater on your phone. All the services at this application are presented on a fast server.