3 Long Lasting Perfume Tips from Fragrance Experts

3 Long Lasting Perfume Tips from Fragrance Experts

Having a durable fragrance perfume certainly adds our confidence. But have you ever feel the perfume fade so quickly? This is how to make the perfume smell last longer and make your body scent throughout the day.

1. In the knee fold

Perfume is a chemical compound that can evaporate well on the hot part of the body. Therefore, if you want a more durable perfume scent, you can apply it on the folds of the elbows, lower wrists, the neck to the back of the ear. One more point of the most effective but not widely known is the area of knee folds.

Spraying perfume on the folds of the knee will be more effective to keep the scent of the body stay afloat all day because the blood vessels at the bottom will rise to the top and make your body fragrant and fresh.

2. On Hair

Hair is also one of the good mediators to deliver heat. However, do not apply perfume on the hair directly. You can spray on the comb first, then use a comb as usual. Perfume fragrance will last longer on your hair.

3. On damp skin

Damp skin also makes the perfume last longer on your body. It is recommended to use perfume after bathing or after using a moisturizing lotion. Interested to try?