19th Century French Artists Predicted The World Of The Future In This Series Of Postcards

19th Century French Artists Predicted The World Of The Future In This Series Of Postcards

People do tend to be curious about the future life. For that, many are speculating on how the living conditions will come. Of course, many people describe the future with a variety of sophisticated technology. There is a point also because at this time only the development of technology is very advanced.

Various media are used by people to describe their future life. One is to illustrate an illustration. Unexpectedly, the illustration of the sophisticated technology made by Jean-Marc Cote beginning in 1910 is a reality in the present. Not only, Jean-Marc, some other illustrators are also there who predict similar things.

These illustrations are titled "In the Year 2000" by Jean-Marc. Rather than curious, Here are the following 7 illustrations that predict sophisticated life in the future.

1. This home cleaning robot is described in 1910. It is now known as a vacuum cleaner.

2. In 1930, Jean-Marc turned out to have predicted a video call.

3. Japanese illustrator, Shigeru Komatsuzaki, has also made a description of schools that take advantage of technological advances such as computers or laptops.

4. Illustration of making calls with video technology.

5. Although there is no human robot that is perfect at this time, it can be a reality in the next few years.

6. Sophisticated technologies exist in one illustration. Among them are a camera, robot waitress, music player, and television.


7. Digital learning classes, all students use computer technology and also teachers who teach only through a live video.