18 Famous Maze And Labyrinth

18 Famous Maze And Labyrinth

For centuries the maze has become something amazing for mankind, especially if it is a labyrinth of labyrinths of the most complex in the world. They have appeared in the literature and well-known modern films. Here are 18 mazes made with such complex and intricate designs.

18. Brick Maze of Capri

This amazing brick maze Is not so tricky to navigate, but it was certainly tricky to establish. Stonemasonry and careful engineering blueprint have resulted in a fine-looking feature of labyrinth architecture on the famous resort island of Capri.

17. Victoria Park Water Maze

This water maze is beautiful when filled with rainwater. It is distinctive because it is a Chartres Maze. This special type of maze is based upon Christian mythology, and it features a clear cross-like symbology (at right, below) which the believer is meant to walk in a particular pattern (as shown at left below).

16. Grace Cathedral

The Grace Cathedral labyrinths in San Francisco CA demonstrate the wide-ranging forms that mazes and labyrinths can take. Besides aiming organic forms in plants or trees, these architecturally planned stone and tile labyrinths – both an indoor and outdoor maze is set at the cathedral – offering an inspiring chance for spiritual contemplation in the midst of the active city.

15. The Imprint

The Imprint is an homage to the original mythical story of the maze: the foot is meant to represent a colossus or minotaur’s foot. Built-in 1975 in Gloucester, The Imprint receives thousands of visitors every year.

14. Richardson Castle

The Richardson Farm delivers a number of large corn labyrinths, but the fairy story castle may be the most enchanting. The mazes change each year, and this castle is now shut down, but it is thrilling to view regardless.

13. Davis Mega Maze

The Davis Farmland Mega Maze is unique in that it varies altogether from year to year! Whether it’s a king’s crown, a dinosaur, or a city skyline, visitors never know what they will be navigating in the future.

12. Snakes ‘n Ladders

A creative twist on the standard maze, one enterprising designer, Michael Blee, built the world’s largest snakes ‘n ladders game – it covers a 6-acre plot (it’s his tenth and largest to date). The hedges are all at least 9 feet high, assuring a very challenging game for those who play.

11. Dole Plantation

The world’s longest maze is at the Dole Plantation on Oahu, Hawai’i. Comprised of 11,400 tropical native plants and covering 3.11 miles, Dole has not only created the largest maze on earth; the company has taken it online where you can attempt to navigate the maze virtually.

10. Hampton Court Maze – Hampton Court, UK

Hampton Court Maze is one of the most intricate and complex mazes in the world, it’s a maze of the oldest in the UK and was once the most popular in the maze world. Although not as popular, now Hampton Court Maze is still known to the world because of its unique shape. In 2005, several speakers embedded into this maze to create about 1000 types of sound called “Trance.” The voices can be changed and surround the visitors who are looking for the road.

9. Mirror Labyrinth at Glacier Garden – Lucerne, Switzerland

Mirror Labyrinth at Glacier Garden in Lucerne Switzerland is one of the world’s most complicated mazes. If most of the mazes in this list are labyrinths of plants, the labyrinth of this one is different, it’s a glass. Contains 90 pieces of glass that form a triangle 124, couple with short corridors makes your surroundings confusing. The glass labyrinth is built on ice attraction, so after passing through a maze of glass then you will be able to visit the natural phenomenon as a sideline. Those who visit this glass maze have to lend a hand when walking to avoid crashing into the glass.

8. Cherry Crest Adventure Farm – Pennsylvania, US

Cherry Crest Adventure Farm has one of the world’s most complicated mazes. The cornfield maze at Cherry Crest Adventure Farm described is challenging. Even in anticipation of tourists who are frustrated, then two “Maze Masters” will be in the maze to guide those who need it. So in this maze, you need not fear getting lost because if you’ve been frustrated then please ask and the master will come to the front of you. After that, you can enjoy other attractions in Cherry Crest Adventure Farm as touring wagon, playland, and so on.

7. Ashcombe Maze – Shoreham, Australia

Ashcombe Maze has three labyrinths including the most confusing maze in the world. Maze Aschcombe not only offers you a maze, but the lavender labyrinth maze 3, rose maze, and a hedge maze. Each type of maze has a different layout, so if you can get out of the maze that is not necessarily one that you can easily get out of the maze the other. Even the official website Ashcombe Maze says: “any trick that works when you are out of the first maze, doesn’t mean will work to others.”

6. Villa Pisani Labirinto – Stra, Italy

Villa Pisani Labirinto is one of the most complicated mazes in the world, Built at the beginning of 1700, local residents said the labyrinth at Villa Pisani is very complicated and challenging. They describe Napoleon lost in them, Hitler and Mussolini even too afraid to enter into this labyrinth. From descriptions like that alone we can already imagine how creepy this maze was and had how many people get lost in the labyrinth of this complex. In the midst of this labyrinth is a statue of the goddess Minerva, the goddess Roma policy is often equated with the goddess Athena in Greek mythology

5. Reignac-sur-Indre Maze – Touraine, France

Reignac Sur Indre is one of the most complicated mazes that ever existed in the world. French has the biggest labyrinth in the world with a shape that resembles a circle. Although now he is no longer the largest maze in the world, every year there are approximately 85,000 visitors who come to experience what it’s like to get lost in the maze of a complicated area of ​​10 acres or 4 hectares. Each year, this labyrinth appears in different forms, all thanks to the design, planning, and farming techniques are amazing.

4. Labyrinten Samso – Samso, Denmark

Samso Labyrinten is a maze of forest that resembles a very complicated If you are tired of looking at labyrinths built of plants fence then visit the maze in this Labyrinten Samso. Samso Labyrinten labyrinth built of mature trees with wide streets resemble a forest, so the experience will you feel as if it is lost in the woods than in a maze. In the midst of this labyrinth is a temple that has its pull.

3. Peace Maze – Northern Ireland, UK

Peace Maze is one of 10 complicated mazes that never existed in the world. In the beginning, is the biggest permanent labyrinth and also the longest in the world, but the title of the labyrinth must be submitted to the Pineapple Garden Maze in 2007 and now holds a Peace Maze labyrinth 2nd biggest in the world. Although there are still a lot of tourists from around the world who come to challenge this maze and try to ring the bell of peace at the center of this maze. Bel was also signified that someone has managed to beat the maze. The average time of completion of this maze is approximately 40 minutes.

2. Pineapple Garden Maze – Wahiawa, Hawaii

This is the largest maze in the world of Pineapple Garden Maze. This is the longest maze in the world. Not only that, this labyrinth is different from another complex maze because it is built and contains 14,000 plants of Hawaii. So while you get lost in this maze, you can also enjoy a variety of unique plants of Hawaii and find a way out by trying to find the secret of 8 points in this maze. 8 point these secrets will help you solve the mystery amid the maze that also helps you get out of the labyrinth of the world’s longest.

Usually, the visitors take approximately 1 hour to complete the maze, but what is surprising is there are visitors who managed to finish in just 7 minutes. The record is still displayed clearly on the front of this maze.

1. Cool Patch Pumpkins Corn Maze – Dixon, USA

Cool Patch Pumpkins Corn Maze is the most complicated labyrinth maze among 10 other worlds. Has repeatedly become the winner of Guinness World Records and is described as “Most Amazing Maze on the Planet.” Uniquely, every time opened the Maze at Cool Patch Pumpkins will be different. At first, it was only a 15-acre maze but because of its popularity, this labyrinth has now become an area of 53 acres and making it one of the most complicated mazes in the world.

A visitor noted that it takes about 2 hours and 10 mobile phones to be able to get out of the maze at Cool Patch Pumpkins. In fact, every year, the labyrinth is becoming increasingly complex and therefore always different every year, so the visitors can visit this maze every year to get into the different mazes in the same place.