Toilets Around The World with Spectacular Views

Toilets Around The World with Spectacular Views

Toilets are often located in underdeveloped or hidden places of a house or property. It is rare to have a toilet in front or a yard because the function of the toilet itself is used as a place of sewage. The term 'back' also refers to a toilet. So no wonder the toilet has always been a place that seemed hidden and in the back.

However, not always the toilet is always nuanced 'dirty' and has no beautiful scenery. In some countries, there are toilets that are outdoors and also decorated by beautiful scenery. Curious? Let's see some of toilet around the world with spectacular views.

1.Banff National Park

This is the toilet in Banff National Park, the mountains that have the best view in Canada. Some of the destinations that are the mainstay attractions by TripAdvisor include Moraine Lake, Lake Peyto, and Lake Louise. Make sure to carry a camera and be alert to the presence of wild animals such as bears that can emerge from the forest.

2. Commerzbank Headquarters

You will find the men's urinals surrounded by huge windows, you can look down 850 feet above Frankfurt's bustling cityscape.

3. Lake Sinyan

This transparent toilet is located over Sinyan Lake, China. You can be seen from outside which is a little bit uncomfortable.

3.South Tyral, Italy

An old wooden toilet in front of a stunning view in South Tyral, Italy.

4.The Shard, Skyscrapper in London, England

The tallest building in western Europe has a toilet with the best view in London with 1,016 ft.

5.Canada's Northwest Territories

This toilet is in the Northwest Territories of Canada. You can see the spectacular aurora after going to the toilet.