12 Insane Facts About Plastic Waste

12 Insane Facts About Plastic Waste

It seems that it's almost impossible to remove plastics from human life from bags of groceries to food packaging. Human dependence on plastics has been going on for decades. Movement to reduce the use of plastics has also been intensively conducted various circles since the early 20th century. But proven to this day, they still produce hundreds of tons of plastic waste every year.

Researchers from Green Diva Meg uncovered the terrible facts of unexpected plastic waste on earth. Here's the following 12 horrible facts about plastic waste.

1. A 10 ton of plastic is found in the Pacific Ocean.
Image source : Dailymail.com

2. In 2006 to 2016 the amount of plastic waste that cannot be recycled reach hundreds of tons.
Image source : Ecowatch.com

3. The amount of plastic waste in the world every year is enough to circle the earth 4 times.
Image source : Ecowatch.com

4. The United States removes 185 tons of plastic annually.
Image source : New York Times

5. Recorded 10 percent of household waste is plastic waste.
Image source: Dailymail.com

6. Plastic manufacturing annually consumes 8 percent of world oil production.
Image source : New York Times

7. Plastic waste kills one million birds and 100,000 marine mammals each year.
Image source : New York Times

8. It takes 500 billion plastic bags annually to meet human needs.
Image source : Dailymail.com

9. It takes 500 to 1000 years to decipher 1 piece of plastic in nature.
Image source : Dailymail.com

10. Now 40 percent of the world's oceans are plastic waste with 46,000 plastic pieces per square mile.
Image source : Ecowatch.com

11. Trash in The Great Pacific Garbage Patch, California, North Pacific has twice the area of Texas.
Image source: Ecowatch.com

12. Recorded 50 percent of the earth's population is now suffering from BPA due to absorption of plastic in the body.

Image source : Dailymail.com