10 Weirdest canned food

10 Weirdest canned food

In some countries even offer several types of foodstuffs that are extreme you imaginable. Call it a wild animal or insect that can not be separated from the target. Here are some kinds of canned food weirdest.

1. Roasted Scorpion

roasted scorpion

The scorpion is one kind of dangerous animal. Making a deadly poison that is liberated from the target humans as a food ingredient. But in the US, there is a company that offers a unique sensation to deliberately make food cans of a scorpion that has been seasoned intact.

2. Canned cheeseburger

canned cheeseburger

Burger delicacy this one coming from Sweden. Although it looks like mostly burgers, Canned cheeseburgers say strange because it has a long time before they reached the hands of consumers. The problem, though has a flavor that is not much different from the most burger, Canned cheeseburger is the first burger that is packaged using cans.

3. Sweet Sue Canned Whole Chicken

sweet sue chicken

If you want to make a chicken bake whole, in fact, a manufacturer of Canned Whole Chicken offers practical. Not just provide processed chicken that had been cut into pieces, but also package the whole chicken ready to be cooked.

4. Reindeer Pate

Reeinder pate

In addition to beef, venison turns also offer their own sensation. Reindeer Pate is serving a variety of canned foods processed venison.

5. Canned Silkworm pupae

silkworm pupa

Pupa or chrysalis can be transformed into a tempting snack in Korea. With a distinctive flavor, pupae can be confectionary friends a cup of tea or coffee.

6. Rattlesnake

canned rattlesnake

Canned foods this one wearing snake meat as a raw material. Rattlesnake is the right choice for those foodies who are needed for high adrenaline.https://mindblowings-1.s3.ap-southeast-1.amazonaws.com/posts/10-weirdest-canned-food/roasted-scorpion-can.jpg

7. Bird’s Nest Drink

bird nest drink

Bird’s nest soup wallet also can not be separated from the target. In addition to many found in some Chinese restaurants, soup this one also contained in the product packaging. This food is believed to boost immunity, and also increase libido in men.

8. Pork Brains in Milk Gravy

pork brain

In addition to providing processed pork, manufacturers Pork Brains in Milk Gravy also offer pig’s milk that is believed to lower cholesterol levels.

9. Thai Green Curry with Crocodile

green crocodile curry

One more refined beast. Is a Thai Green Curry with Crocodile offering food packaging made from crocodile meat. Foods derived from Thailand are claimed to be unique.

10. Canned Roasted Crickets with eggsRoasted Cricket

Served with a crispy texture. Mentioned, the canned food manufacturers have selected a quality cockroach before being processed into crispy snacks.