Don't Throw These Out: 10 Foods That Almost Never Expire

Don't Throw These Out: 10 Foods That Almost Never Expire

Sometimes we forget not to cook the food stored in the cupboard or refrigerator until the expiry date comes and it's a pity if it's thrown away.

Here are 10 ingredients that you don't need to worry about the expiry date because these ingredients can be long-lasting!

1. Rice
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The rice will last longer if it is stored in containers or boxes away from dust. Do not store rice in a humid place, to be durable.

2. Honey

If the honey is stored for a long time, it will change its shape to crystals. But don't worry, honey can still be consumed. You just open the honey jar and put it in hot water for the honey to melt.

3. Vanilla extract

Pure vanilla extract will not expire so you can make cakes anytime.

4. White vinegar

If kept in a proper place, white vinegar will not expire. You just keep it a fresh and clean place.

5. Cornflour

Store cornflour in a tightly sealed and cold place then it will last long.

6. Salt

Salt becomes a must in cooking to add flavor. Fortunately, this food will never expire. You can save a lot of salt, just put it in a clean and decent place.

7. Alcoholic Beverages

Some foods contain a mixture of liquor or alcohol. You don't have to worry about the expiry date. Alcohol tends to be durable.

8. Sugar

Sugar is one of the most common flavorings in the kitchen. Durable sugar tablets originally kept from a dirty place or a lot of ants.

9. Dried beans

The type of dried beans can be durable. You just need to keep it in a closed and dry place.

10. Maple syrup

Some people like to eat pancakes with maple syrup. This syrup if stored in a cool place with a tightly sealed container is guaranteed not to expire. You can save for your sweetener pancakes without fear of mold.