10 Most Magic Features in Japan's Sophisticated Toilet

10 Most Magic Features in Japan's Sophisticated Toilet

The toilet plays a big role in the comfort of the life of everyone. No matter how ugly or good, home toilets often provide the best sense of comfort. But have you ever tried toilets in Japan? According to the recognition of many people who have visited Japan, toilets there feel like 'heaven'.

Toilets in Japan are said to be equipped with various comfort features that are not available elsewhere. From a heated toilet seat, a selection of 'fountains' to chop, to a musical background, all in the Japanese toilet.

Japan is one of the leading countries in the field of technology. Hence it is not strange also if the toilets there are futuristic and technologically advanced. With the obsession with technology, the Japanese have their own obsession with the toilet. Even in 2017, the famous company Toto created a museum built with fantastic funds of a $60 million special for showcase toilets!

1. Like many other Eastern countries, Japan originally also adherents to the flow of toilet squatting. But as Western influences entered, the toilet seat came and was refined by the Japanese.

2. Although the toilet seat is not really a native Japanese tradition, but this country is already obsessed with hygiene. There's a myth that said there is a 'Toilet God' in Japan.

Kawaya-no-kami, the god of the toilet waiter prevents people from falling into the toilet and can fertilize the soil.

3. The Western toilets are made in such a way as to meet the needs and philosophy of the Japanese. One of the first innovations was a toilet equipped with a 'shower' of water or a bidet.

4. The choice of this water fountain was more varied. From the point of water discharge to strong-weak water pressure, all can be tailored to the needs of each person.

5. Japan may also be the first country to innovate to make a warm seat toilet. The reason is that they don't like to touch the cold surface of the toilet seat.

6. Apart from being separated from the bath or bathtub area, Japanese toilets are also often equipped with a small sink that is directly connected due to a tradition of handwashing that is ingrained

7. This one feature is also typical Japanese toilet: music to disguise the sound when in the toilet. Toto calls this innovation a 'princess voice', a special feature for Japanese super shy girls.

8. So obsessed with toilet comfort, the Japanese government even launched the program 'Japan Toilet Prize' which is the competition for the best toilet innovation.

9. So do not be surprised if you find a sophisticated toilet with many buttons functions in Japan. On average there are 8 function buttons.

In general, the Japanese sit-down closet presents approximately 8 main buttons that serve to open the toilet closet, flush the toilet, flush the bottom area of the user, remove air to dry, regulate the water temperature, warm the toilet seat until removing certain music so users do not feel uncomfortable while defecating. There is even a closet equipped with a sensor so it can close and open automatically when it will be used. Wow!

10. So sophisticated, many tourists even become confused. Finally, in order to minimize the confusion, Japan agreed to simplify and equate the standard toilet keys in Japan

Toilets in Japan are sophisticated, to the point of being dubbed as a super toilet which is also very in demand by foreigners. However, the sophistication turned out to make a lot of people jangled.

In order to overcome this confusion, as reported by The Guardian, Japan finally agreed to standardize the toilet button for easily understood for everyone.