10 Most Haunted stadium in Europe

10 Most Haunted stadium in Europe

Some stadiums in Europe became some kind of fortress for the club's host. The stadium was alive and like to have good luck if the host was entertaining his opponent. Most occupants stadiums which category ‘haunted’ Such is the strong teams in the local league. Some of them are also world-class elite teams.

Stadiums it is usually known as the atmosphere created by the fans. The visitors often already shriveled guts when hearing the noisy atmosphere created by the audience. There are some great stadiums that are not included in this list. Call it La Bombonera, Anfield, Parc de Pinces, Estadio Azteca and others.

You are going to read is the most intimidating stadiums row and unfriendly for the visitors. This assessment is based on data on the percentage of home team victories in 100 games. Each draw is counted as half a victory. Data collected from ESPN.

10. Amsterdam Arena


Ajax Amsterdam is better known as a producer of the best young talents. You could say that the young talents and this is the key to a successful stadium Ajax existence until today.

Record 100 games: 71 wins, 18 draws (9 wins), 11 losses.
Percentage of wins: 80%

9. Sukru Saracoglu

Sukru Saracoglu

As one of the three strongest teams in Istanbul and Turkey, Fenerbahce clearly had a militant mass base. Competition between three strong clubs Turkey was indeed known to be very fierce. Not infrequently Istanbul derby match between the teams ended with clashes. One of the most haunted venues in Turkey is owned by Fenerbahce Sukru Saracoglu.

Record 100 games: 71 wins, 20 draws (10 wins), 9 defeats.
Percentage of wins: 81 percent.

8. Marakana


Serbian fans are known to be fanatical in the European scene. This feud started from the club scene between the two strongest teams they Partizan Belgrade Red Star Belgrade. Therefore, nature that belonged to Red Star stadium Marakana is so haunted. The increasingly tense atmosphere of Belgrade city derby takes place.

Record 100 games: 75 wins, 11 draws (5.5 wins), 14 defeats.
Percentage of wins: 80.5%

7. Georgios Karaiskakis


Strong Greek club Olympiakos has the bastion named Georgios Karaiskakis Stadium. Most of the good results achieved by Olympiakos in this place were when they beat their local rivals. So far the prestige of this magnificent stadium can not spread to the European level.

Record 100 games: 79 wins, 11 draws (5.5 wins, 10 defeats.
Percentage of wins: 84.5%

6. Philips Stadion


PSV Eindhoven are the traditional powers in the Eredivisie. One reason is their strength when playing at home. Unfortunately, it seems difficult for PSV to continue their superb performance to the European level.

Record 100 games: 75 wins, 18 draws (9 wins), 7 defeats.
Percentage of wins: 84%

5. Allianz Arena


The dominance of Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga is characterized by their good record when competing at the Allianz Arena. A relatively new stadium is able to strengthen mental guts Bayern simultaneously weaken the opponent. Unfortunately, this stadium could not prevent Bayern from defeated in the Champions League final last season.

Record 100 games: 78 wins, 11 draws (5.5 wins, 11 losses. Percentage of wins: 83.5%)

4. Stamford Bridge


Toughness Chelsea at Stamford Bridge began in the era of Jose Mourinho. At that time, Mou was able to make the stadium the Blues as one of the most horrible venues for opposing teams. Chelsea supporters and the team has great determination to keep the ‘legacy’ Mou and now Chelsea home record is very impressive.

Record 100 games: 73 wins, 14 draws (7 wins), 13 defeats.
Percentage of wins: 80%

3. Old Trafford

Old Trafford

Awesomeness Old Trafford was recently injured by Tottenham. Manchester United must defeat Spurs with a score of 2-3 at home. But if it refers to the statistics, United is still very strong when playing at Theater of Dreams.

Record 100 games: 79 wins, 11 draws (5.5 wins), 10 defeats.
Percentage of wins: 84.5%

2. The Santiago Bernabeu


A stadium full of history such as the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu certainly is on this list. Not many teams can beat Real Madrid when playing at home. 82 percent pure Madrid victory is proof of just how haunted this place is. Record 100 games: 82 wins, 6 draws (3 wins), and 12 lost.
Percentage of wins: 85%

1. Camp Nou

camp nou

This stadium is one of the reasons why Barcelona is referred to as one of the world’s best clubs. Some are pessimistic and say that the Camp Nou lost its magical power in certain moments. But the statistics do not lie bosa. In recent years, few clubs can come home with the points of the Camp Nou.

Record 100 games: 83 wins, 11 draws (5.5 wins), 6 defeats.
Percentage of wins: 88.5%