10 Most Eccentric Behavior Millionaire

10 Most Eccentric Behavior Millionaire

Millionaires who defecate on the sidewalk in front of the Cafe

Police said officers had received a complaint from the owner of the cafe and restaurant owners in the commercial center about someone defecating intermittently on their doorsteps, or on the pavement outside their premises. dirt was sometimes wrapped in tissue paper, is left on the doorknob or in the flower-pot pots near seating on the front porch, the four years of this food outlets complained to the police about the human waste that occurs over and over – again.

Then this restaurant installed surveillance cameras and in recording the presence of the police to a 71-year-millionaire property owner Salvatore Sam ‘Cerreto with deliberate exposure and committing indecent it in a public place.

He was caught on camera walking into a restaurant with a ream of toilet paper, pulling his pants down, squatting, and defecating.
Mr. Cerreto is the owner of many places on the road – the road of the city occupied leased includes 13 businesses that are large roadside where often the discovery of human dirt. All the tenants were relieved of the arrests – including the operators' restaurant, cafe, deli, hair salon, and pathology center.

Billionaire who founded the Sperm Bank of sperm obtained from the Nobel laureate, for the sake of creating a master race

The millionaire who opened the Nobel Prize sperm bank to create a master race.
In 1980, millionaire optometrist Robert Graham Clark opened a sperm bank stocked with “donations” from the world’s smartest men.
In 1980, optometrist Robert Graham Clark opened a sperm bank filled with “donations” sperm of people in the world’s most intelligent.

Repository for Germinal Choice, located in an underground bunker in San Diego, aims to collect sperm from Nobel prize winner, who got the nickname “Nobel Sperm Bank”. But the scarcity of donors and the lower their sperm viability (because of age) forcing Graham to develop a set of criteria lose.

Such criteria and impressed a lot of fuss: for example, the recipient of sperm needed to get married, and male donors are required to have a very high IQ, although the bank then softened this policy so that athletes and clergy also allowed it.

In 1983, Graham’s sperm bank is known to have 19 donors of genius, including William Bradford Shockley (1956 Nobel Prize in physics and a supporter of eugenics) and two anonymous winners of the Nobel Prize in science.

When the Repository for Germinal choice closed after Graham’s death in 1999, there were 229 babies who did not exist have a Nobel Prize-winning father. and so far, none of these children have grown up to win a Nobel Prize.

The Billionaire Who Has Assets Billions In Virtual Life

Billionaire usually keeps their money in the bank, playing the stock market or in big business. Ailin Graef has changed all that.

Former Chinese teacher has just joined the millionaire club – but is the first to do so thanks to the advantages of the virtual world. Ms. Graef has built a huge property empire in Second Life, an online 3D world where users live and socialize as in reality.

Its online equivalent (known as an avatar), Anshe Chung, buying a large block of land, improve them by adding housing and then sell them to other users for-profit and reliability.

Since joining in 2004 in a game he had amassed a fortune of nearly 300 million Linden dollars (the currency of the game) . Uniquely, the dollar can be exchanged into US dollars at the actual exchange of money online.

By nilau exchange L $ 275 to the US $ 1, he has become a millionaire. Even though he lives near Frankfurt in Germany, Ms. Graef has set up offices in Wuhan, China, to hire ten programmers to help ‘develop’ the land of its online then sell to other users,

Millionaires decided to give all their fortune because he was not happy

Rabeder grows poor and thought that life would be wonderful if he had the money. But when he became rich, Karl discovered that he was not happy, so he decided to give all his wealth: “My idea is to not have it all.” Money is counterproductive – prevents happiness to come. ”

On the block, or has been sold, is a luxury villa with a view of the lake in the Alps, a 42-hectare estate in France, six gliders, and the interior furnishings and accessories business that made him very rich.

Instead, he will move from his posh palace in the Alps to a small wooden hut in the mountains or a simple hut in Innsbruck. entire estate be distributed to charitable organizations in America Central and Latin America, but he even interfering in their utilization

Dog millionaires Yang won the trust for the trust fund of more than US $ 300 million

Of course, there will always be people who have more money than you, but are you aware that some pets also? Meet Gunther IV, a German Shepherd dog richest in the world. This dog really inherited from his father, Gunther III, a German Shepherd who receive an inheritance from Karlotta Liebenstein, a German countess.

Gunther IV has bought a Miami villa from Madonna and won a rare white truffle in an auction. Gunther IV has bought a Miami villa from Madonna and won a rare white truffle WHO in the auction. He’s worth about $ 372 million today,

Replace the British billionaire mansion with houses made of mud after adopting the lifestyle of the tribes in Kenya

Most people returned from Kenya with a photo of a giraffe and a lion, and the story of their time on safari. But the millionaire has come back elders of the Masai tribe.

Graham Pendrill was the first white man who received the honor of this tribe after resolving disputes between tribes potentially violent months during a trip to the East African nation last year. During the official ceremony, Mr. Pendrill should drink urine bulls, and cows are sacrificed in his honor.

Since returning, he used a Masai cloth when it comes to ordering business in his hometown, Almondsbury, near Bristol, England. Bachelor 57 years, has been given the title Siparo name which means “the brave”, often walkway street – the main street in town without wearing nothing but a robe and slippers.

Seering people call me eccentric-but it does not bother me, “he said.
‘When I got home I used to wear clothing that feels weird.

Mr. Pendrill, an antique dealer, has plans to sell a £ 1.2million house so that he could move to Kenya to live in a mud hut with the Masai end of this year. I have developed a great respect and affection for them there. This is a real honor to be the elders, “he said.

Millionaires decided to buy their own city

Lifestyle conglomerate 31-year-old property is turning a Bulgarian coastal town into a holiday hotspot for British tourists – and called by his own name. This name is very difficult to pronounce. I have decided to call it Alexander, which I think is quite compact.

Mr. Alexander – who is still single and living in a penthouse apartment in Manchester – the city’s purchase of a Bulgarian businessman for £ 3 million. The identity of the place is being kept confidential until the matter is completed.

The company Alexander, Ultimate Lifestyle Group Incorporated, has 60 staff, offering personal training and set property operations, cosmetics and cars to celebrities.

The clients include Tom Cruise, and Alexander helped to train for his role in Mission Impossible III. He appeared in the TV show ‘Biggest spenders’ In England and is often cited as “the most worth said England”.

Nurses who became a billionaire but decided not to stop work

A nurse who won one million pounds in a live TV show says he does not want to stop the work for £ 25,000 per year. The money will change my lifestyle but it will not change me.

The nurse Karen Shand, 40, will continue to work at the Victoria Hospital in Kirkcaldy, Fife, despite winning the jackpot on ITV1 The Vault.
Shand won the prize when the needle stops right around the turn and she was able to answer the question six in a row, it is the greatest gift ever disbursed in a live TV show at the moment.

Billionaire homeless

Nicholas Berggruen, a billionaire homeless. Nicholas's wealth is worth billions of dollars, but he does not own a house (he lived in the hotel) because he lost all interest in acquiring a place he lives.

After having billions, Mr. Berggruen, 46, lost interest in acquiring it: The house does not satisfy him, and even becomes something burden.

So he began paring his material life, selling condominiums in New York, home in Florida, and cars only. He hatched plans to leave his fortune to donate his art collection to a new museum in Berlin.

For him, wealth is a lasting impression and effect, and not in possession of the goods. Forbes magazine estimated the net worth’s Berggruen at 2.2 billion US $ in 2010.

Millionaires Who Send Her son To Work In McDonald to study the Value of Money

Prime Minister of Thailand to send her daughter to work at McDonald’s. This billionaire even appeared to buy a burger from his daughter 17 years Paethongtan, the youngest of his three children, on the first day as a part-time employee after hours of college completed.

His first task is to learn how to operate a cash register, but he will also learn to flip burgers.

In developed countries, children usually work while they learn to gain experience and to appreciate the value of money and how to spend it, said Thaksin. Thaksin Shinawatra himself worked at a fast food outlet KFC while studying in the United States.

Dej Bulsuk, president McThai which operate outlets fast-food McDonald’s in Thailand, said: “The prime minister came to me personally asked if I could give her part-time job during the school holidays, the Premier asked me specifically to treat her the same as any other employee” Thaksin even said to me: “And let him sweep the floor like the others.”