10 Interesting Facts Of Sperm, Prevent Breast Cancer & Wrinkles

10 Interesting Facts Of Sperm, Prevent Breast Cancer & Wrinkles

Sperm is a cell that comes out in semen during ejaculation. You might have heard many facts about sperm. For example, the facts about sperm health are based on their motility and shape. This fact is just one interesting fact about sperm.

Let's check out 10 interesting facts about sperm.


Sperm that serves to fertilize eggs contain fat, cholesterol, and calories. Even a tablespoon of sperm contains about 20 calories.

Nutritional value

Sperm is very nutritious. Cement is rich in protein and carbohydrates. But it also contains fat, iron, and calcium that can prevent tooth decay. Not only that, but sperm is also a very good source of protein. For couples wishing to have a baby, it is believed men should have plenty of iron in their dietary menus to aid in healthy sperm production.

Prevent breast cancer

Did you know that consuming sperm can prevent breast cancer? Although not known with certainty, but according to a study states that sperm contained in sperm has anti-cancer effects. This anti-cancer effect can prevent the emergence of cancer, especially breast cancer.

Skin health

The sperm contains spermidine, a compound in human sperm that is responsible for slowing down the aging process. Spermidine also serves to protect cells from damage by increasing human blood cells. This property is believed to not believe is still believed by many people to prevent facial wrinkles and stay young.

Number of sperm

One time ejaculation contains only five percent of the sperm present in the body. But the fact is that there are many couples who are difficult to get pregnant. The cause is probably not due to the lack of sperm counts of inadequate sperm quality for fertilization.

Age of sperm

Sperm can live in a woman's body after two or five days of sexual intercourse, depending on the woman's menstrual cycle.


In one ejaculation, there are at least 200 million sperm out. But when having sex if men do not ejaculate, sperm will be reabsorbed by the body so it will not be wasted.

Healthy sperm

To have a healthy sperm, it is important to maintain the temperature of the testes. The testicular temperature should be seven degrees lower than the body temperature. So, you should avoid crossing your legs too often, wearing too-tight pants to keep the testis optimal temperature.

Sperm movement

Although sperm have chemicals that can direct them to approach the egg, often sperm are not obedient to these chemicals. Many sperm tend to spin and do not immediately go forward to the egg.

Shape of sperm

During this time we are taught that sperm are known to have an oval-shaped head and a long tail. But actually each sperm is different. There is a sperm that has two heads, a small head, a large head, several tails, a broken tail, or a crooked tail.