10 Genius Uses for Lip Balm Other Than Healing Chapped Lips

10 Genius Uses for Lip Balm Other Than Healing Chapped Lips

Lip balm is known as a beauty product that is useful to moisturize or overcome other lip problems. For the girls, lip balm is a mandatory items to bring, especially those with dry lips problems.

There are at least 10 other benefits of lip balm for beauty. Here is the list ladies!

1. Overcoming skin irritation.
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The content of lip balm is also great for overcoming rough and dry skin due to irritation. For example when you are cold, the skin around your nose becomes dry and peeled because of handkerchief or tissue. To fix this you can apply lip balm in the irritated area.

2. Overcoming dry cuticle.
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Dry cuticle? Apply lipbalm to soften. When applying lip balm in the area around the cuticle follow with a little light massage to be more absorbing.

3. Make eyeshadow more shiny.
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If you feel that your eye shadow is not shiny, the solution is to apply lip balm on the eyelid before applying eyeshadow. Lipbalm will give more glossy effect to your eye.

4. Moisturize the hair.
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If you have a dry hair problem, you can apply the lipbalm on your dry hair because the content of lip balm will help soften your hair strands.

5. Eliminate dark circles under eyes.
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Are you running out of eye cream? You may use lip balm before bed to help reduce your dark circle under your eyes.

6. Stopping blood from flowing.
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If you are accidentally stabbed by a needle or scratched to bleed, apply lipbalm around your wound. Lipbalm can help to withstand the blood drops that temporarily. But this only applies only to small wounds.

7. Healing dry skin.
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Do you have a dry elbows and knees? Apply lip balm on the elbows and knees that tend to dry. Lip balm will soften and smooth it.

8. Overcome blisters on the feet.
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Before wearing new shoes or heels, apply lip balm on the back of the foot. Lip balm will help you prevent blisters while wearing new shoes or heels that often torture.

9. Neat eyebrows.
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Do you feel that after shaving or grooming the eyebrows but the result is less tidy? Apply lipbalm on eyebrows, and trim with eyebrow brush. Lip balm will help make the eyebrows more formed.

10. Prevent stains when coloring hair.
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Apply lip balm across the line between hair and forehead before coloring hair to prevent the stains.