10 Facts Of Cockroaches, Radiation-Resistant Nuclear But Dead If The Body is Reversed

10 Facts Of Cockroaches, Radiation-Resistant Nuclear But Dead If The Body is Reversed

Talking about cockroaches certainly you will feel the creeps, tickles, disgust and fear. Indeed, this one insect seemed to be a huge insect that made millions of people cringe with their presence in this world.

Besides being a cockroach-resistant insect is also dangerous if killed directly, it is because there is a worm that can not be seen with the naked eye in the body that can move even to our body. Here's 10 facts about the amazing bug called cockroaches.

1. Derived from 280 million years ago.

Cockroaches already existed since the era of carboniferus, about 280 million years ago. This certainly shows that these animals are resilient even from strict natural selection.

2. Hold nuclear bombs.

Species that have existed since 280 million years ago certainly make this animal tough from all kinds of natural selection, including nuclear bomb.

3. Can live without head.

Because cockroaches breathe with cavities that exist throughout the body then they are able to live even without head, but this only lasted for one week only. Just imagine if meeting the cockroaches without the head will definately scary!

4. Have a great speed.

A cockroach is able to walk at 4km / hour, even a baby cockroach also has the same speed.

5. Able to survive in extreme temperatures.

A cockroach is a strong animal, they are able to survive in extreme weather, especially cold. So it is possible for cockroaches to live in Antarctica.

6. Have a fear radar

Cockroaches have a radar that can detect the fear of the people around him, this is because in his body, there are nervous system and motor system. The system in its own body has a very fast reaction speed. Uniquely cockroaches will even approach the object that fears him.

7. Will die if his body is upside down.

Although resistant to nuclear radiation but cockroaches will die when the body position is upside down. This is because cockroaches will have difficulty turning around and will experience muscle spasms. This could be one way of killing cockroaches.

8. Can fly.

Cockroaches can fly around the house and certainly make many people terrified of this little scary bug.

9. Species are scattered all over the world.

Cockroaches have about 4000 of species that are all scattered around the world. Each cockroach in the world has a different color and size, the equations are equally ridiculous.

10. Proliferate rapidly.

Cockroaches have a life cycle of about 100 days and are able to survive in 6 months. However, cockroaches are able to produce 6 to 8 eggs for 6 months, from which the eggs can produce 180 to 320 new cockroaches. So do not be surprised if the cockroach population is larger than humans.