10 Best drone shots in Dronestagram version, wow!

10 Best drone shots in Dronestagram version, wow!

Dronestagram is a community where drone photographers around the world gather together. This community receives thousands of portraits each day. In addition, their site allows everyone to see and share their photos.

The beauty of drone photography makes everyone see the pictures in different perspective. This type of photography makes us explore different angles and perspectives from incredible heights.

Every year, the Dronestagram community holds a photo competition of the best drone shots from last year. Here is the 10 best shot taken by a drone!

1. Water Lily, a woman is picking up a lily water in a pond in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam.
Source : pinterest.com

2. Stingray and girls, this portrait shows the friendship of two girls as well as two stingrays.
Source : pbs.twimg.com

3. The majestic beast Nanuk, the Nanuk polar bear in Inuktitut is an impressive beast. In this photo, it appears that the bear is crossing between two sea glaciers.
Source : dronestagr.am

4. Swimming with a whale, the aerial view looks so captivating by DroneFilmsProject.
Source : dronestagr.am

**5.Dawn on Mercury Tower by alexeygo
Source :hypb.imgix.net

6.Stairway to heaven, long staircase leads to one of the most beautiful beaches in Algarve, Portugal.

Source : vietnamfriendship.vn

7. Kefalonia Melissani Cave, exploring Melissani cave on Cephalonia Island in China.
Source : photogrist.com

8.Provence, summer trim by jcourtial.
Source : telegraph.co.uk

9. Infinite Road to Transylvania .
Source : images.sobadsogood.com

10. Salt Fields.
Source : vietnamfriendship.vn