Wear Specs? 10 Glasses Tips And Tricks To Make Life Easier

For those of you who wear glasses every day, this kind of life is a bit of a drama. Especially when having a bath or waking up in the morning. Not to mention losing your glasses and you can't see anything without it.

These tips and tricks will surely make your life easier!

1. Install the glow in the dark material in your eyeglass for easy removal in the dark.
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2. Add a foam in your headphones to stay comfortable while wearing them.
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3. In order not to cause a mark on your nose, tie the handle of the glasses with a hair band.
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8. Adjust your glasses by placing the glasses on a flat surface then tap the frame.
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5. Put straps on shampoo bottles, liquid soap, or other toiletries to make it easier while taking a bath.
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6. You should have many glass microfiber cleaning wipes to clean the dust on your glasses.
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7. Use your phone camera to ease the missing glasses.
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8. Do not use your shirt to clean the glasses, this can damage the lens.
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9. Use toothpaste to clean the glasses.
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10. In order to not be slippery when you sweat, apply glue on your glasses.
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