Ever heard of a fortune-telling astrologer as a media foretelling? This line-reading technique is popular in Southeast Asian countries. Indian, Chinese and Tibetan countries also use this technique a lot to know a forecast.

You can also practice this technique at home. But keep in mind, this is not to predict the future but just to reveal a little fact about your personality only. The line can also reveal your personality about the problem of love.

Try to combine your hands with palms facing up. Then look at your hand line whether it is taller on one side or perfectly parallel.

1. The left hand line is higher.
Image source : ceritalucu.id

If your left hand line is higher than the right one, it means you're an energetic type of person. You are willing to fight for what you want also with the love affairs, you include people who dare to maintain your love forever.

2. The right hand line is higher.
Image source : ceritalucu.id

If the line is higher on the right hand line means that you do not like to ramble and prefer to the point. There is also the assumption that someone who has a higher right hand line can judge the nature of the person even if the person is hiding it. When it comes to love, you usually belong to the type of person who likes the older sex.

3. Perfectly parallel lines.
Image source : ceritalucu.id

If the hand is perfectly parallel you are a childish person. You are also a sensitive person, even if you hear a sad story from a friend you can feel it and get sad quickly. Lastly, you do not like any sudden changes in your life.