How would you feel if you enter a university where all the students were ladyboys or transgender? Maybe you will be amazed. Apparently, the place really exists. Guess where?

As we know, Thailand is a country that has a high tolerance of the transgender. This country has also been famous for its beautiful ladyboy.

Transgender people are considered eligible to receive an education equivalent to the other sex. Therefore, the State of the White Elephant has a special university for transgender named Suan Dusit Rajabhat University.

Although all students are passionate from transgender circles, the lecturers of the University are non-transgender intellectuals professionals.

As a place for transvestites to gain knowledge, this university is just like any other university. The majors are many, such as Education, Science and Technology, Culinary, Clothing, Personality Development, Makeup, Nursing, as well as Master and Doctoral Programs.

At this university, transvestites can wear girls' uniforms and behave "like women" without facing discrimination and will be able to be themselves without feeling ashamed.

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