Quirky Things You Can Only Find in Japan

Who does not want to go to Japan, a developed country known for its modern and sophisticated technology. Not only that, the country is nicknamed "Country of the Rising Sun" and there are a lot of things that are unique and strange that makes us wonder about this modern unique country.

1. Toothpaste with a Unique Flavor!

image source : kawaiikakkoiisugoi.com

Brushing your teeth is an activity that can not be separated from our daily lives. By brushing your teeth then we will be able to maintain our dental health. Generally toothpaste is commonly used to brush teeth equipped with menthol which gives a cool and fresh sensation. But in Japan, created a variety of toothpaste flavors that are unique and strange. One of them is the curry toothpaste.

2. A country with Thousand Vending Machine
Image source : florence20.typepad.com

Vending Machines make it easier for us when we're in a hurry or there are no market stores around us. There are also a lot of strange Vending Machine that you can only find in Japan.

3. Trend Dressing in Japan
Image source : wheretoget.it
Kawaii in Japanese is funny or cute. Kawaii - Decora becomes one of the most popular Harajuku style aspects. Where they adhere to this fashion that comes with clothes and makeup style for small children.With pastel colors, Kawaii followers look like cute kids. While Decora is a fashion style that emphasizes the use of funny and unique accessories.

4. Cheap and Comfortable Hotel, Capsule Hotel!
Image source : metro.co.uk

The capsule hotel is a kind of hotel developed in Japan and provides very small room spaces with large numbers. This capsule hotel is intended to provide standard and inexpensive accommodation for visitors who do not need such services generally in conventional hotels for overnight only.

The hotel is mostly used by workers who are late home due to overtime and have to return to work the next morning. Although some rent weekly or monthly for economic reasons.

5. NicoNico Douga, Youtube of the Japanese
Image source : techinasia.com

NicoNico Douga is the famous site for uploading videos in Japan. One of the uniqueness of this site is the site visitors can participate and enliven the video by writing a comment.

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