7 Signs of Excessive Exercise

Excessive exercise can lead to saturation and even injury, so balance is the key. Here are seven possible signs of excessive exercise in doing so, so do not be overloaded …

  1. You exercise more than an hour a day. Exercise should be no more than 60 minutes, because the best results will appear if done regularly but not too long.

  2. Your muscles always hurts. Exercise too hard can make your muscles hurt. If you do not rest yourself for a while, it will be even more dangerous for you

  3. Your weight is unstable Excessive exercise can be bad for hormones and can cause unstable weight, but with adequate rest also helps to regulate your hormones again.

  4. The harder you practice the more you need to eat and can actually increase your appetite and thwart your efforts to lose weight.

  5. Menstruation is not smooth Excessive weight exercise coupled with a low percentage of fat in the body can lead to decreased estrogen and an uneventful period of menstruation. This can be overcome by reducing the frequency or intensity of exercise.

  6. Have trouble sleeping or sleeping is never enough could be due to excessive exercise.

  7. Feeling tired all the time If you are tired all day and feel less energy when exercising, that means your body is tired because you overdo it, and it’s time to rest.

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