Toward the middle of 2018, there are a row of various interesting movies that you can enjoy in theaters. Starting from the comedy I Feel Pretty, the thriller A Quiet Place thriller, until the most eagerly awaited is The Avengers: Infinity War. Want to know what rows of movies are ready to entertain you in April 2018? Check it out here!

1. Ready Player One

Appointed from the same novel by Ernest Cline. Wade Watts is an orphan who lives in Oklahoma. Disgusted with the dystopian world he lived in, Wade then searched for "way out" by choosing to enjoy his life by playing as an MMORPG character in the OASIS game. In the game, Wade is known by his alias name, Parzival.

One day, James Halliday - the OASIS game maker - passed away, leaving his last letter with every OASIS player. In the letter, it is written that those who can find the hidden Easter Egg somewhere in OASIS, are entitled to own the OASIS company and get all of their inheritance. This instantly made Wade and his choice of friends immediately begin the search for Easter Egg, unaware that this action provoked the anger of the OASIS company's heirs.

Starring Tye Sheridan, Olivia Cooke, T.J. Miller, Simon Pegg, and Mark Rylance, this movie is being aired in theaters.

2. I Feel Pretty

Renee Barrett is just an ordinary woman, who feels insecure with her body shape that contains. Feeling that he was less attractive, Renee often felt less confident - especially in finding suitable clothes and looking for a partner.

One day, while practicing in the gym to take care of her body, Renee fell into the gym and accidentally hit her head. Once awakened, the first thing that Renee did was look in the mirror. Strangely, though her body did not change at all, Renee actually felt that she was very beautiful. He also now becomes more confident and dare to do what he had been afraid to do. How long will Renee survive under such circumstances?

Watch the story in the cinema! Starring Amy Schumer, Michelle Williams, and the sexy Emily Ratajkowski.

3. A Quiet Place

The world is suddenly invaded by the creepy creatures that will move upon hearing the sound. A family that survived the invasion of the creature then tried to stay alive without making a sound at all in their daily life. Unfortunately, one night, their son accidentally broke the oil lamp while playing. The horror began when unknown creatures began to storm their homes. Can they survive the invasion of the creature? Starring John Krasinski and his wife, Emily Blunt, the movie is ready to shake you up earlier this month.

4. You Were Never Really Here

Joe is a former FBI agent and war veteran, who lives with post-traumatic stress disorder after failing to rescue a group of small children on one of his missions. One day, he was offered a job: saving a kidnapped girl and being forced to work as a sex worker. Joe, who wanted to pay for his mistake when he became an FBI, undertook the request. But who would have thought, Joe actually involved in a larger conspiracy. Reportedly, the film became one of the best "champions" at the prestigious 70th Cannes Film Festival, and managed to bring home two trophies thanks to the incredible Joaquin Phoenix performance. Do not miss the movie, yes!

5. Avengers: Infinity War

This is the most eagerly awaited movie of the year. With an incredible range of Hollywood players (more than 40 famous actresses and actors, wow!), Avengers: Infinity War can be said to be one of the biggest budget films of the year.

Continuing the story after the Captain America event: Civil War, two years later, Avengers members are now scattered all over the world. Although there is no more tension between them, the former quarrel caused by Civil War turned out to make Avengers split. Over the past two years, some members have been noted to be active in their efforts to protect the Earth, while the rest "disappear" from view. Until finally a great threat came to Earth: Thanos. In an effort to complete Infinity Gauntlet, Thanos and Black Order came to target the Infinity Stones stored on Earth. Avengers also have to re-unite to save the galaxy, along with their latest colleagues Doctor Strange and Guardians of the Galaxy.

Can they fight Thanos? Watch from 25 April.