Here Is What Coffee Actually Does To Your Brain

Coffee can make a person more awake so as to be able to undergo activities throughout the day. The presence of caffeine substances believed to play an important role in warding off drowsiness. Well, how exactly does caffeine work?

1. Whenever awake, the body's natural compound called adenosine slowly accumulates in the brain. This adenosine binds to its receptors which cause brain activity to slow down.
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2. The more adenosine, the more the brain gets tired. The more the force to wake up, the more tired. Conversely when sleeping concentration of adenosine decreases, it gradually stimulates to wake up.
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3. Caffeine enters the brain alongside the bloodstream, competes and shifts the position of adenosine because it has the same structure. Sleepy effect no longer feels.
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4. However, long-term caffeine consumption causes the brain to respond by producing more adenosine receptors. This means the need for caffeine should also be more to fill the receptor.
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