It seems that many ethnic Chinese living outside of China will be able to apply for a valid visa with a much longer stay from now, as the country tries to attract overseas Chinese to live and do business there.

After the change takes place in the visa rules, foreigners from China will be able to apply for a valid visa for multiple entries within a period of five years, up from one year earlier.

China's Ministry of Public Security announced saying that the move was intended to make it easier for foreigners to "come home" for family visits, business and personal duties.

Foreigners from China refer to a former Chinese citizen who has gained foreign citizenship, or a former Chinese citizen, according to official Chinese definitions, reported the South China Morning Post.

Such individuals need to have one parent, ancestor or ancestor who is or is a Chinese citizen.The changes will be made in the form of copies of original documents issued by China, such as a copy of their Chinese passport or identity card or the identity of their family.Documents issued by overseas governments authorizing their ethnic Chinese may also be filed, but the document will be assessed by the Chinese Embassy or consulate in the home country, according to the Chinese Foreign Affairs Office in Shanghai.

According to China Daily News, Qu Yunhai, Director of the Public Security Administration Bureau of Ministry of Public Security said last week that the move is an upgrade of similar measures issued in recent years to encourage overseas Chinese participate in China's economic development."The rule has played a positive role in serving China's social and economic development and attracting talents with innovative spirit and entrepreneurship," he said.

Charlie Li, who moved from China and became a Singaporean citizen 20 years ago, felt that visa changes would be useful to former Chinese citizens."I have grandparents in Shanghai, and this will make it easier for me to take care of my grandparents as they get older," said the 29-year-old bank analyst.