Eating foods or drinks that contain caffeine is good for health. Caffeine itself has a myriad of benefits such as helping us more focus, awake and more energized.

However, although caffeine has a lot of of benefits, caffeine consumption should be well restricted. Excessive consumption of caffeine would be very dangerous for health because it can cause addiction.

If you are addicted to caffeine, this is very dangerous. Quoted from the page, we can overcome the problem of addiction that has already happened, there are some foods that are useful to overcome the problem of caffeine addiction. What are the foods? Check out the following foods to quit it.

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The first food that can overcome the effects of caffeine addiction is yogurt. Nutrition contained in yogurt is good for the digestive system. These nutrients also support the health of the body is always maintained thoroughly when we stop or limit the consumption of caffeine abruptly. For good yogurt to overcome the effects of caffeine is unsweetened yogurt or artificial flavorings.

2. Egg
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The next good food to overcome the effects of caffeine addiction is eggs. Eggs contain healthy proteins and various nutrients that make the body's energy well preserved. Eggs are also beneficial to make us feel full longer and more focus even though if you limit the consumption of caffeine.

3. Peanut Almod
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If you are used to consume a cup of coffee or tea, try to replace it by drinking a glass of warm water that is accompanied by almond snack. Nutrients contained in almonds and other nuts are beneficial both in overcoming the effects of caffeine addiction. Nutrition contained in almonds is also beneficial to nourish the heart.

4. Mint leaves
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The next useful food overcoming the effects of caffeine addiction is the mint leaves. Brewing mint leaves can be a substitute for coffee and tea. Mint leaves are also useful to overcome the effects of nicotine addiction.