One of the most important things in raising children is to teach them to have good manners. This is an valuable moral asset for them to behave well in adulthood. Teaching children's courtesies should be done from childhood, repeated and consistent.

Parents should also set an example for them to have the appropriate behavior we expect. Starting from the word "please" and "thank you", the following words should be taught to the child to show courtesy to a more mature person:

  1. Teach children to say "please" when asking for something and "thank you" after they receive something or someone has helped them.
  2. Teach them to say "excuse me" when they enter the crowd, bump into someone or need the attention of others.
  3. Teach them not to interrupt or interrupt others. Whether in conversation or conversation of others. Including when someone talks to them.
  4. Teach them that commenting on the character or physical of others is a disrespectful act. Unless, the comment is a compliment.
  5. Teach children to always ask permission. It is important for them that if they are not sure what they are doing, they should ask someone else for approval or ask questions.
  6. Teach them the importance of gratitude. Show children to write simple thank-you notes, especially when they receive a gift.
  7. Teach them hygienic life. For example, closing the mouth when coughing or sneezing.
  8. Teach them to politely respond to other people's questions when asked about news and also get them to ask back.
  9. Tell them the importance of respecting the privacy of others. Always ask permission when you want to ask or know something.
  10. Teach them table manner. For example not talking when mouth full of food, avoid negative comments about food and use cutlery properly.
  11. Teach them to keep hand hygiene, especially after playing and when they want to eat.
  12. Remind them to always remember people's names and addresses when chatting with others.
  13. Teach not to litter and the importance of maintaining cleanliness.
  14. Teach them to accept defeat and become a sportsmanship.
  15. Teach them to take off shoes whenever they enter someone else's house.