12 Photos Of The Winner Comedy Awards Competition 2017

The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards collect the best photographs in the wildlife world.

Each winner receive a trophy camera. This competition is not just a mere gift, but more than that, this competition has the intention to further the issue of wildlife conservation.

1. Overall Winner is obtained by Tibor Kercz with a photo of a flock of owls perched on a tree limb. One of the owls found it difficult to find a place on the branch and almost fell. And the silly two friends did not care about him. Isn't it really unique?
Image source : comedywildlifephoto.com

2. The photo titled 'The Laughing Dormouse' by Andrea Zampatti is very cute. It's hard to find this funny angle.
Image source : comedywildlifephoto.com

3. These birds are flying together so fast and one of them has a smoke behind it
Image source : comedywildlifephoto.com

4. Turtles vs. Fish in the Australian sea is so impressive. How could the turtle slap the fish with an upset expression?
Image source : comedywildlifephoto.com

5. A bunch of wildebeest and a leader standing above them. Jacques Alcalay's work is indeed worthy rewarded as the winner.
Image source : comedywildlifephoto.com

6. These two monkeys appear to be trying a motorcycle in the Tangkoko National Park, Batuangus, Indonesia. Do they want to ride the motorcycle and run away?
Image source : comedywildlifephoto.com

7. The seal below looks very surprised and funny.
Image source : comedywildlifephoto.com

8. The two mudskipper fish (the fish that lives in 2 realms) are opening their mouth as if they are singing is amazing. An interesting photo with a high degree of difficulty.
Image source : comedywildlifephoto.com

9. Three penguins are preparing to enter the church. Do they want to pray like human?
Image source : comedywildlifephoto.com

10. This fox thinks that the hole is for toilet?
Image source : comedywildlifephoto.com

11. Finalist: Snow monkey in Nakano, Japan. The monkey is showing a defiant attitude. Linda Oliver's work has not been lucky to be a winner
Image source : comedywildlifephoto.com

12. Finalist: This baby shark smiles and shows his baby teeth in the Bahamas.
Image source : comedywildlifephoto.com

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