12 Amazing Photos That Prove The Power Of Nature. Extraordinary!

In this world, man does not live alone. We live with other humans, including with nature like animals and plants.

These photos below is for us to see the power of nature that turns out much unique than the goods or buildings made man. This is just a reminder for all of us to be more appreciative about nature.

1. An old piano was broken by a tree that grows beneath it. An interesting portrait!
Image source : brightside.me

2. A temple in Cambodia surrender in the hands of a tree. The building of the temple is twisted by the roots of the tree as if weakened by the forces of nature.
Image source : brightside.me

3. An amazing portrait. The car in Taiwan is already weak by the power of nature.
Image source : brightside.me

4. Somehow, a bike is swallowed by a tree. This photo was taken at Vashon island, Washington. Very impressive!
Image source : brightside.me

**5. A Buddha statue in Ayutthaya, Thailand is experiencing a unique phenomenon. Just above the head of Buddha, came a plant-bud that looked so magical. **
Image source : pxhere.com

6. Still in Ayutthaya, the statue of Buddha's head wrapped in a tree trunk in Wat Mahathat becomes a tourist attraction that you must see when visiting there. Strangely, the color seems to blend with the color of the tree.
Image source : pxhere.com

7. An old Florida home is uninhabited and is completely ruled by a big tree. Such a beautiful portrait!
Image source : brightide.me

8. The unused train tracks in Ukraine have turned into a 'tunnel' that is so green.
Image source : brightide.me

9. A park bench in Dublin, Ireland, swallowed up by a tree so terribly.
Image source : brightide.me

10. Kolmasnkop, a city buried in the desert of Namibia. Very beautiful and amazing photo!
Image source : brightside.me

11. The 102-year-old ship in Sydney, Australia is no longer serving human passengers, but rather plants.
Image source : brightside.me

12. Nature will always find its way, and is reluctant to stop.
Image source : brightside.me

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