Behind all glamor in the modern world, some tribes in the world still live in poor conditions and are isolated from the outside world. Some have had to give up their territory to hunt to farming affected by modern human projects that annex their area.

Their existence is still recognized, although some of these isolated tribes prefer to close themselves from modern humans. In fact, they are not reluctant to attack intruders into their territory with deadly attacks, such as arrows for example.

But which tribes are alienated from modern life? In fact they prefer to live with conditions that are getting squeezed and approaching extinction.

Here are 10 tribes that are untouched by modern society.

1. The tribe of Ishi.
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The existence of this tribe allegedly live on the island of Sentinal Bay of Bengal. The Sentinal tribe is very closed to foreigners, and they are not reluctant to kill intruders into their island with deadly arrow shots.

This tribe is a native American Yana from the state of California. They are considered the last generation wild tribes of the modern century.

2. Surma tribe.
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Elbow groups in Sudan and Ethiopia have a unique culture, they are faced with a ritual plastered wooden plates on the lips as a symbol of beauty.

3. The tribe of Mayoruna.
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This group has a total population of about 2,200 people and lives in the Amazon jungle. They became one of the strongest and solid fortifications for those who were illegal abusers in the Amazon jungle.

4. Nukak-Naku tribe.
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Tribes in the tropics The Amazon forest is expected to be extinct soon, the cause is malnutrition and deadly disease that befell them.

Their cultivated land in the forest is also narrowing due to the expansion of modern people. No more fishing and hunting grounds, all eroded by civilization.

5. The tribe of New Guinea.
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Around 312 New Guinea tribal groups are still alienated in this modern age. They are hard to trace and live in the archipelago. The behavior of cannibalism still prevails in this tribe.

6. Tribe Pintpin Nine.
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The group is suspected to be in western Australia, but until now their positions have not been traced. They are also called the tribes that have been lost but it is believed there are still hiding in areas that have not been detected modern humans.

7. Yanomami tribe.
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This tribe is the most isolated. They live in the rainforest of South America and the population is very high.

8. Zoe tribe.
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The tribe is a small group reaching hundreds of people, but they are fairly safe because the territorial territory to survive in the northern Amazon forest is still awake.

9. Tribe of Ayoreo.
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This tribe inhabits Bolivia and Paraguay. Its population reaches thousands of people and lives isolated. Especially since the logging of trees and the clearance of forest land has become so massive that they are forced to step aside.

10. Sentinel tribe.

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The existence of this tribe allegedly live on the island of Sentinal Bay of Bengal. When they are very closed to foreigners, they don't hesitate to kill intruders into their island with deadly arrow shots.